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camping out at a best buy, john? >> that is right. four days and an hour until the black thursday or friday sales. they are determined to be first in line. a line that will stretch around the parking lot. why? >> not just because of the bargains. >> for black friday. i mean it is something my daughter and i have been doing since she was three months old. she never had thanksgiving dinner at home. we have it out here. every thanksgiving in a line in front of a best buy? [ laughter ] >> yes. [ laughter ] >> anyone suggest it might be child abuse? >> i did think someone was going to call cps on me at one time. >> what do you eat out here? fast good? >> during the day, yes, but on thanksgiving my family members bring out the turkey and the dressing and things like that. >> it can not just be about the prices it has to be something more. >> we are part of a family for meeting each other on black friday. we became family. >> the accommodations are as comfortable as you would expect on the treeless concrete. >> you saw stents so you decided to stay? >> yes. >> saw tents soy decided to st
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1